“Healthy” Foods That Damage Your Heart

Dec. 1, 2013

Heart DiseaseAre you aware that heart disease is the #1 KILLER of people today?  Yep, more people succumb to heart disease each year than to the thing that most people seem to fear most – cancer.

Interestingly, heart disease is largely preventable, if we just took a little time to educate ourselves about what is actually causing the epidemic in heart disease.

Tip:  If you really want to learn about the causes of heart disease, and specifically which foods are directly associated with the onset of heart disease, you should NOT get your information from the corporate food giants (who profit most by selling you cheap, easily produced foods), or even from the mainstream medical community (whose research studies are funded in large part by the food and drug companies).

The odd thing is that we humans seem to be inclined to ignore our own heart health through poor nutrition, lack of exercise, stress, etc., until there’s an “event” which forces us to pay attention.

Unfortunately, all too often that “event” is death and it’s “game over.”

If you’d like to significantly increase your odds of avoiding an “event” (the fact that you are visiting The Paleo Gourmet strongly suggests that you are), then you owe it to yourself to re-think some of the traditional “wisdom” which has been foisted on us all, supposedly to educate us on what a heart-healthy diet looks like.

Things You Thought You Knew – But Didn’t

  • Whole grains are healthy and good for you
  • Red meat causes heart attacks
  • Cereal is a good choice for a healthy breakfast
  • Carbohydrates are good and fats are evil

The Great Cholesterol MythIn a book co-authored by Jonny Bowden,  Ph.D.,  and Stephen Sinatra, M.D. entitled, “The Great Cholesterol Myth,” Dr. Sinatra points to an enlightening Harvard study:

“As researchers from Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health noted, quickly digested and absorbed carbs (i.e., those with a high glycemic load) are associated with an increased risk of heart disease.”

Here’s something you may not yet realize. One of the WORST carb sources in terms of blood sugar and glycemic load is anything made with wheat (even so-called “healthy whole wheat”).

Wheat has been proven in blood sugar testing to have a higher impact on blood sugar than even pure table sugar due to the nature of the Amylopectin-A in wheat foods.

In the interests of brevity, I’m going to end this post here.  I hope that I have at least prodded you into wanting to further investigate what you should be eating if you want to avoid an “event” caused by latent heart disease.

I also hope that I have caused you to question the conventional wisdom that saturates the media about which foods actually are healthy and which are not.

If you’d like to continue reading about this topic, Mike Geary, certified nutrition specialist, has written a very informative article entitled “This Healthy Food Damages Your Heart” in which he cites more studies and presents more facts about healthy (and unhealthy) foods.